Our fleet of 2011 Yamaha VX 110 Deluxe Waverunners are nothing short of awesome. With the BEST in reliability and comfort, your sure to have a great time on Lake Ontario this summer!


How it works…

Our 1 hour rentals leave the dock at set times throughout the day (10:30 – 12:00 – 1:30 – 3:00 – 4:30 – 6:00 & 7:30). Guest are required to arrive 20 minutes before to be given proper instructions on the safe operation of the waverunner as well as the rules of the waterways.

PFD’s (Personal Floatation Devices) are supplied and MUST be warn during the rental period.

Boaters Cards are not required to rent a waverunner!  However…Each operator is require to read and understand our Dockside Safety Check List before being allowed to operate.

So who can drive? Ages 16+ may operate a personal watercraft with either a Boaters Card on by our Temporary Permit

So who can rent? Anyone renting must be 18+ with either a Boaters Card on by our Temporary Permit

So how old can a passenger be?  Ages 5 – 105 may be a passenger on any rental.

Rental Rates

Let’s play it safe…

Our guides will instruct you on how to operate the waverunner, how to attach the lanyard, on and off button as well as other operating tips and guidelines, but their as easy as,

1)  Stay 1300ft from shore.

2)  Stay 300ft away from others.

3)  Stay where the guide can see you.

Other than that, your able to jump and go fast… what ever!  As long as your in
control and remember the 1,2,3 rules were good.


A $250 – $500 cash or credit deposit is required to insure customers follow simple guidelines given to you by the guide during the rental period. Each guest is fully responsible for any and all damages to the PWC, other persons and/or property during your rental period.

All damages are reported to the Ontario Provincial Police and it is possible that customers with damages will also be charged by the O.P.P aside from damage charges from Ride On Rentals Inc. Please be responsible and ride safe on the water!



Now for the business!

Wanna rent a waverunner and operate it in a reckless manor, or perhaps splash other boaters? Well that comes at a steep price! This kind of stupidity is not tolerated! Our guides are there to make sure that all guests have the safest environment possible and if you planning on breaking some rules then plan on losing your deposit as well as a lovely ticket from the OPP

Ticket Prices are as follows:

Reckless: $380 + court

Reckless causing bodily harm: $580 + court + record

Intoxicated: $380+ loss of drivers license + court + record

0% alcohol in effect!!! No refunds!!! No Tolerance!!!

All prices subject change without notice!


2 thoughts on “Waverunners

  1. Hi, I purchased a teambuy deal for an ATV/Kayaking excursion. I spoke to Kathy(705-293-0552) and she informed me of the problems they have been having with the ATV. She told me to send an emaill regarding a complamentry waverunner excursion at Ashbridges Bay. Please inform me what needs to be done to redeem this offer.
    Thank you

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